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Livingwell Heal-n-Soothe Review – Is It For Real?

Heal n Soothe Review

If you suffer from chronic pain, you are probably familiar with this scenario of events. When the pain first began, you thought that if you get some rest for a few days it will go away. When it didn’t, you probably popped in an over-the-counter painkiller, but found the pain doesn’t really go away. This must have led you to visit a doctor or a chiropractor or try some supplements that promised you a magical remedy, but you found the relief was only temporary and did not last long after the therapy. Now, you have come to accept that there is nothing that really works long-term and somehow, have got used to living with the pain. Perhaps, you view any new pain-relieving remedy with a typical “Oh, I’ve been there” kind of attitude. However, there is one remedy that in recent times has been making quite a few such patients sit up and take notice — Heal-n-Soothe — and maybe it can work for you, as well.

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What is Heal-n-Soothe?

A 100 % herbal supplement, Heal-n-Soothe works to cure the inflammation – the underlying factor causing your back pain. A completely natural back pain remedy manufactured by National Enzyme Company, it is retailed by Living Well Nutraceuticals and endorsed by the Healthy Back Institute.

Heal-n-Soothe contains specific ingredients such as:

Heal n Soothe Supplement FactsPapain and Bromelain: These are powerful natural enzymes; papain is found in papaya and bromelain in pineapple. Several studies have shown them to be effective at reducing swelling. They act to drain out the waste materials that build up at the site of injury, and this works to reduce inflammation.

Turmeric Extract: This is obtained from the wonder rhizome turmeric that is rich in antioxidants capable of destroying the free radicals, which are responsible for inflammation. This also has a protective action trait against several types of cancer.

Ginger: It is a rhizome that belongs to the same family as turmeric with similar anti-inflammatory properties. It acts by reducing the concentration of prostaglandins that are mediators of inflammation.

Devil’s Claw: It is a herb that has been found to show anti-inflammatory effects that is as good as some drugs used in arthritis, but without their side effects.

Citrus Bioflavonoids:
These are natural antioxidants obtained from citrus fruits that help to reduce the activity of two important enzymes in the inflammatory process — elastase and collagenase. As a result, they are beneficial in combating swelling and the resultant pain.

Boswellia: This is a powerful remedy that not only fights inflammation but also improves blood circulation, and helps drain toxins away from the site of swelling.

Rutin and L-glutathione: Both are well-known entities with strong anti-oxidant action.

Vitamin E: This is one of the most important vitamins that has a powerful anti-oxidant action and several vital functions — it controls inflammation, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and keeps cholesterol levels in check.

Mojave Yucca Root:
A herb with marked ability to promote the healthy functioning of the body.

How does it work?

If you take a good look at the ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe, you will realize that it is a powerhouse of several antioxidants and major systemic enzymes; in fact, these classes of ingredients are the vital key to its action.

Our body contains several enzymes; the ones that act to break down protein are called proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes play a vital role in helping the body cope with inflammation because they digest all the waste generated at a site where some injury has occurred. As long as these enzymes are active, you may not face any major problems with inflammation.

However, with age or sometimes due to other reasons, the body’s store of proteolytic enzymes tends to deplete and this means that you are more susceptible to develop inflammatory conditions such as back pain or arthritis, which are characterized by a chronic pain. When you use Heal-n-Soothe, it is like replenishing your body’s store of proteolytic enzymes. The result — a marked reduction in inflammation and a noticeable decrease in the pain you experience.

The process of inflammation also generates several free radicals that act on the tissues to cause further damage. The antioxidants in Heal-n-Soothe combine with these free radicals and therefore, help prevent such damage; this contributes to the anti-inflammatory action of this product.

What are people saying about Heal-n-Soothe?

The unique action mechanism of the ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe has created quite a stir in the back pain supplement world. What people find most reassuring is the way in which this product acts by using natural enzymes and antioxidants from herbs to provide relief from inflammation. The fact that it does not contain any preservatives is another big plus, which is drawing a greater number of people to try this product for their back pain.

Many people also report that Heal-n-Soothe has helped them feel healthier and more energetic — a natural outcome of the immune-boosting properties of the herbal ingredients it contains. You may come across some people who say it didn’t really do much for them, but then, we have no way of knowing if they used it exactly as prescribed.

Heal n soothe bottle

Where can you buy this?

If this has got you interested in trying this innovative product for your back pain, you will want to know how you can buy it. Unfortunately, this is not available at your local pharmacy; but luckily, there is an easy way to procure it. All you need to do is get in touch with the Healthy Back Institute which offers a free trial of Heal-n-Soothe; simply pay the shipping cost and you can have a 10 day supply of the product free of cost for you to try.

Is Heal-n-Soothe right for you?

The best way to find out if Heal-n-Soothe is right for you is to try it. Considering that it is made completely from natural ingredients and that it does not have any preservatives or fillers, it is probably one of the safest products available.

A word of caution, though; if you are on medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics or blood thinners, it is best to consult your physician before you try this product. This is important because the ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe may interact with these drugs to produce a change in the way they act.

The enzymes in Heal-n-Soothe come from papaya and pineapple. If you know you are allergic to these, or any of the other herbs that are a part of this product’s formula, it is best to avoid taking it.

Chronic pain can interfere with the quality of your life and therefore, it is vital you try to find something that gives you relief. With its unique ingredients, Heal-n-Soothe is a good option to try without any worries about it being addictive or causing damage to the liver or the kidney like anti-inflammatory drugs do. All the ingredients in this formula have been evaluated in several research studies and found to have good anti-inflammatory action. Judging from the reviews people give this supplement, it appears to be doing a good job of helping them cope with their pain. As with anything else in life, the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself.

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Livingwell Rub On Relief Review

Rub On Relief Review

When you suffer a sprain or a muscle pull that results in acute, severe pain, you probably reach for a painkiller that can provide you with some quick relief. But, drugs suffer from a major disadvantage in that their constant use can lead to several side effects. Some can cause damage of the inner lining of the stomach; others have been known to cause liver or kidney problems when used long-term. So, if you don’t want to put drugs into your system, what is the answer to chronic conditions such as back pain or arthritis when you need something to cope with the constant pain? Rub On Relief is probably an option you should try.

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What is Rub On Relief?

Rub On Relief is a pain relief cream from Living Well Nutraceuticals and is made from 100 % natural ingredients that include:

Belladonna: A well-known antispasmodic compound that helps to relieve muscle spasm and pain. Belladonna has been used for several years against inflammation and cramping pain.

Ignatia: This is a compound used by practitioners of Chinese medicine for its ability to calm the nerves. Irritation of the nerves can lead to constant pain and when they are calm and relaxed, there is a noticeable relief from the pain. In turn, this helps to increase the mobility of the joints and the muscles in an area where there is inflammation and pain.

Naja: This is another ingredient that acts on the nerves and by soothing them, helps to reduce the sensation of pain.

Menthol: This is the compound that is present in peppermint and responsible for the biting or burning sensation. However, it has a more important role — when it is applied to a particular area, it causes an increase in blood flow and circulation. This helps to drain away the toxins from that site and thus, it helps combat inflammation and pain.

RhusTox: This is a well-known ingredient that is commonly used for relief from chronic pain in conditions such as deep-seated sprains, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

MSM: The unique property of this ingredient is that it provides sulphur — an important element for healthy connective tissues. Thus, it acts to build healthier tissues that heal faster.

Phosphorus: Pain during inflammatory conditions is often accompanied by a burning sensation; phosphorus has the ability to reduce this by acting on the nerves that convey this stimulus to the brain.

LachesisMutus: This is an important ingredient that acts to drain out the toxins present in the blood; as a result, it helps to reduce inflammation and pain at the affected areas.

How does it work?

Rub On ReliefRub On Relief is based on the principles of homeopathy — a system of medicine developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann during the 1800s. This works on the principle called “like cures like”, which he discovered when he was experimenting with cinchona bark. He found that the effects produced by ingesting the bark were almost the same as the symptoms of people who had malaria. This led him to conclude that only an ingredient that creates symptoms of a disease in a healthy individual can cure that disease in someone who is afflicted by it.

Homeopathy believes in the use of small doses of medicinal agents in order to prevent toxic effects and allow the body to function in a normal way. While classical homeopathy makes use of a single remedy, many modern-day practitioners combine remedies to produce a synergistic effect. Rub On Relief is an example of a combination remedy — it contains the 8 ingredients we mentioned previously and these work in unison to produce long-lasting effects.

Along with these homeopathic ingredients, the cream also contains CetylMyristoleate and Magnesium Sulfate that help provide complete solution for effective relief from pain.

What are people saying about Rub On Relief?

If you take time to read up reviews of Rub On Relief, you are quite likely to find that people have encouraging things to say about this product. For most, the fact that it is made entirely from natural ingredients is a big factor that assures a safe product. Quite a few products that contain preservatives have been known to cause toxic effects that negate the efficacy of the active ingredients; that Rub On Relief does not contain preservatives is, therefore, a big plus. Besides, it also appears like people with different problems — sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, post-surgical pain, dancing or physical exercise injuries as well as stress-related niggles — have found relief from their complaints by the use of Rub on Relief.

There is another point that users comment about — this cream does not really cause the severe tingling or burning sensation that other pain relief creams do. Now, this is because Rub On Relief cream contains menthol in very minute quantities that are effective, without causing discomfort.

From a patient’s point of view, this cream also has the advantage of being user-friendly. It is not a greasy cream; as soon as you rub it into the affected area, it gets absorbed quite quickly and this means no cream sticking to your clothes and causing laundry problems. Quite a few people also find its lack of smell a major plus point because there is no question of a strong perfume assailing your senses at all times; also, no one other than you knows you have used it.

Where can you buy this?

Rub On Relief cream is available from the Healthy Back Institute that works to help people find relief from back pain that arises from different causes. All you need to do is log on to their website and order your package, and you can have it delivered home. The creator of this cream is so sure about its effectiveness that he even offers you a 100 % money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you can return the unused tubes to claim a refund of the cost price.

Is Rub On Relief right for you?

Whether you suffer from acute pain due to a sudden injury or a deep-seated chronic pain, Rub On Relief is worth a try. The cream helps to reduce swelling that causes pain; besides, it also blocks a certain category of nerve fibers that carry the pain messages to your brain. As a combined result of these two effects, Rub On Relief is effective in most people who have both acute as well as chronic pain.

However, make sure you do not use this cream if you have a swelling around an open wound or skin that is damaged. This is important because the ingredients of the cream are meant only for external use and if absorbed through broken skin, they may lead to undesirable effects. If the skin accidentally comes into contact with mucus membranes of the mouth or the eye, make sure you wash it off thoroughly at once. However, if there is any redness or irritation you observe, please contact a doctor at once.

Judging from the responses to Rub On Relief cream, it seems like an effective remedy that provides relief from a wide variety of painful conditions. If you suffer from pain that interferes with your daily activities, go ahead and try this cream. It combines the healing properties of ingredients that have been used for years in homeopathic remedies.

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